A Day in the Life of an Editorial Intern

For a brief life update, I wanted to put together this day in the life so that you guys know what I’ve been up to, after being home for the summer. I currently work as an Editorial intern, writing content for the company, aiding in creating social media posts and writing for the newsletter. 

8 am: The sun bursts through my window, and I debate with myself how long should I wait until I force myself to wake up.

8:10 am: I rise out of my bed, and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

8:15 am: Lucky for me, I have already set out my clothes for the day, and I get ready, finally putting on my glasses so I can actually see what’s going on.

8:25 am: I head to the kitchen for my favorite meal: breakfast! This morning I chug some water and boil some soup, and eat up.

8:40 am: I return to my room, adding in a sweater, my laptop, and my laptop charger to my backpack and I head out the door.

8:50 am: I reach the train station and my commute begins. I get on the train and head over to downtown Brooklyn. 

9:20 am: I get off my stop, and begin the 10 minute walk to work. It’s hard by Brooklyn’s too pretty for me not to be in awe. I barely notice how tired I am till I reach work.

9:30 am – 4:30 pm : Work all day! Write some content. Cry over edits. Write, rewrite, and rewrite. Add new events to the newsletter. Interview someone Research. And write some more.

Work Outfit


Work Outfit A Day in the Life

4:30 pm: I am let go at work, and I begin my commute home.

5:00 pm: I have just arrived home. I make and enjoy some dinner. I pack lunch for tomorrow and put it in the fridge. 

6:00 pm: I write up a post and do some graphics for the posts and schedule it for the next day. 

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7:00 pm: I take a shower and wind down from the day. I drink some water. I read my Bible and pray.

8:00 pm: Relaxation time begins! I have recently found my new way to wind down before bed – a podcast and Sudoku/word search. Although sudoku takes a lot of thinking and so it becomes harder for me to listen. My current favorite podcast is Small Town Murder. <<< You don’t have to be a huge fan of dark things, you only need a have a sense of humor.

Small Town Murder Hitchhiking

11:00 pm: I journal for the night and head to sleep, ready to do it all over in the morning.


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What does a day in your life look like? Comment down below!

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