First Day of Third Year Second Semester

I’m back in Cville and classes have started up again! Here’s my first day of third year second semester. Woah, that was a mouthful, or a typeful. Anyways, I just wanted to show you a little day in my life. I have a few of these on the blog now, and I feel like the blog has become a place to write this all day and get a little snapshot of my life, especially when I look back on my college life. 

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Monday February 1, 2021

I woke up at 7:30. The goal for me is to be up early enough to have a quiet time in the morning for reading and prayer. I looked out to a world full of snow. It was so white. A storm came through on Sunday, so winter wonderland arrived. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and then arranged my desk. There were a few books I needed to return. The last one I finished was Persuasion. If you’ve read it, let me know. Captain Wentworth’s letter is intense! 

I got a new journal for Bible notes. I’ve actually started a new book, Matthew. My goal for the month of February is to finish the four gospels. You literally need to read 3 chapters a day. However, since February cuts a few days off, at some point, I’ll do extra reading. 

I then got ready for the day. Those snow boots are rarely used these days, so it was nice to break them out! 

I recently got Emily P. Freeman’s (I talk about her so much!) Next Right Thing Guided Journal, and I was searching for a quote for the month, and I couldn’t find one. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment below!

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I headed out the door for the bookstore. Usually, I avoid the bookstore at the beginning of the year but this semester, I didn’t have the chance to get any school supplies earlier and there was a book I needed to read by the second class.

While you’re enjoying this snowy scenery, I should explain to you what’s going on in my life as a sort of mini life update. I was very uncertain about a few classes I was taking this semester – there were asking a lot and I wasn’t sure I could give. So my original schedule was Script Analysis, 18th Century English Women Writers, Breaking Bad (yes, the TV show), Dostoevsky, and Interactive Storytelling. My schedule has dramatically changed since – Script Analysis, Christian Ethics, Religion and Pop Culture (haven’t tested this class yet), Video Design, and Topics in Russian Literature. There has been a lot of maneuvering and trying to figure out scheduling. Phew…

More life updates – I’ll be moving closer to my internship. I’ll be living in a totally new space next year, although the decor will probably be the same. I am applying to a special program for my major. Later updates to come on whether or not that pans out. I’m going to be hopeful, though! 

I did enjoy Script Analysis but I did find the reading to be A LOT. Breaking Bad was cool, except for the fact that I was totally lost because I haven’t seen the show. I’ve only seen season 1. So those were my classes for Monday. 

I was watching stories on IG (like we all do) and it so eloquently expresses the feeling of being on social media. Which is ironic. But nowadays, there is an idealized version on how we should be living and when our lives don’t look like that, we freak out. It’s striking – “But is your life as perfect as this? Well? How about now? Is it as perfect as this? If it isn’t, change it!”

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For a little break, I was catching up on Chatty Broads, a Bachelor recap show. It’s funny and sometimes controversial, but it’s like a girl chat with friends on my favorite reality show. (The only one I watch.)

Tons of reading and notes. That’s what college boils down to. But what’s the point in that? Should we learn and put into practice what we learn? Just thoughts I have on my first day of third year second semester.

I read both Hamlet and Backwards and Forwards. Ooh, I’m putting that on my Goodreads account. Some random things to take note: characters don’t change in plays, according to the author, their circumstances or attitudes do; each moment is a trigger and an action; theme is the thing that comes last during a script analysis; picking at the tension is how the playwright keeps an audience.

I actually went to work later, but totally forgot to take ANY PICTURES. I apologize, so here I leave you with my journal entry of the evening. As you can tell, I went to bed at 1:45 in the morning. Reading like that is NOT for the faint of heart. Whew.

*dramatically collapses*

Anyways, so there’s my first day of third year second semester.

Here’s a little spiel to end off the short but sweet post. Life isn’t always grand. In fact, COVID has further amped up this point. It can be a bit boring at times. I had a good few conversations that I didn’t document (but I totally should have), but other than that, this was my Monday. And the mundane is what we got. If we can’t enjoy the simple moments, the grand ones will never be shiny, sparkly, or scintillating enough. The quiet moments, when we stop to catch our breath, make us appreciate the ones that take our breath away. 

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Practice a simple rhythm of stopping when you realize you have a few moments and just breathe. There isn’t anything dramatic about breathing. But it’s the space when you realize you are alive and life is happening. It’s not super wild but it’s also completely amazing. Like my Monday. Like your Wednesday.

Keep safe and warm and healthy. Here’s a virtual hug! Have I ever told you all that I love hugs? If we ever meet, I’ll give you a hug! (when COVID stops being a thing).

Thank you for reading about my first day of third year second semester! Be on the lookout for my reflection post at the end of my third year.

Signing off, 


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