Letter to my Future Self

I actually did this activity for my freshman year and it was so good to look back on and it brought on all the types of memories. It’s also a good way to get out all of the intentions and the little things you want to remember.

Dear 19-year-old rising junior me, 

I can’t imagine you. I can’t imagine what it will feel like to be in the position you are now, done with 2 years of college. Although I can’t truly understand how you feel, I am cheering you on. Freshmen year was hard but we made it out with so much grace – it’s hard to believe how it all happened. 

To my future self, I know this year will also be hard. This time I ready as I know some of the challenges you will face. You will be trying to figure out your major for the millionth time, balancing a social life and school, and deepening the friendships that started to form only a year ago at the time that I write this. Do me a favor. Tell me you achieved all that we planned to.

Stop stressing out about your major

Knowing you, you’ve probably found some secret formula to do what you love, or at the very least, to hate your classes less. They’re not all bad, it’s just that they’re not the exact things you plan to do. Keep this in mind, and try to take the lessons you’ve learned so far to heart. They’ll help you along the journey.

Deepen those friendships and cherish those who are leaving

College is a time where you are in a bubble, and all you love are so easy to reach. You don’t have to plan too hard, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Enjoy the people who surround you. Because their seasons of life may be different, and one day, you all won’t be in the same place anymore. 

The truth is you need to do well.

You’re not trying to go to grad school, but you know the truth. There’s nothing like working hard and reaping those rewards. Get into those books. Seek to understand versus just to know. Figure out why what you’re learning is important. It’s not just information. It all has a purpose. Figure it out.

Talk to your professors and take it with a grain of salt

As wise as your professors are, what they believe and what they have experienced is not what you believe and have experienced. People can only offer advice and guidance based on what they know to be true – so don’t be afraid to overlook a piece of advice that doesn’t resonate with you.

Let someone share their heart with you

In college, the easiest thing to do is to get busy. You take those classes, you join that club, and suddenly you have no time for the things that matter. If you truly want to grow in community with others, you have to let them share their heart with you. And then, you have to do the same.

Travel and take pictures

One of the best parts of Virginia is how easy it is to take day trips to other towns. Take advantage of these trips. Despite all the time you won’t be doing homework post-grad, college somehow makes it easier to enjoy the time you have away from classes and clubs. So take those day trips to the mountains or a really small town. Take lots of pictures because eventually your memory will fail and all you will have left are those pictures.

Write about what makes you smile

It’s easy to get down and blame society for what it’s doing and how it’s affecting people. But don’t forget that while it is bad in the world, there is still good. It is most difficult to see any good in a dark place, and that is why you must write it down. So write down the things that make you smile. The things that make you laugh. This is the way you remember.

Make it all count

Whatever you do, do with 100%. Study for that grade that you truly want. Travel and make that place your home for a weekend. Dance and laugh with your friends. Those long drives with music and deep conversations – they don’t last forever. So be fully present wherever you are because you have no idea how precious every moment is until it’s gone.

Future self, I wish you a full and amazing year, and I know you’ve made me proud. 


Signing off, 


Did you like that? Have you written one before? If not, write one and have a friend mail it to you within a year.


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