Life Update of January 2019

I’m currently in my 3rd week in my 2nd semester of first year. It’s the most unreal thing to be back and yet it feels as natural as ever (if that makes any sense). This month my music taste kind of reverted to my high school self. For most of high school. I really liked rock and pop punk – Pierce the Veil and Evanescence. Similar to my 2018 self (so far away), I’ve listened to worship and but I’ve been loving Boston Manor and My Epic – just really cool bands at the moment. I’ve even gotten back into listening to Tonight Alive. Anyway, here’s my life update!


Enough about my music interests at the moment, it’s the end of January and it’s time to reflect on how I’ve been doing on my New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s review my 2019 goals.

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  1. Daily journal
  2. Blog at least once a week
  3. Active lifestyle
  4. Go to a Christian concert/conference
  5. Travel to a new city every month

I daily journaled last year and I have been 100% keeping the tradition alive. As for my blog, I haven’t decided on a posting day and I always write my posts whenever I have time. I have been posting once a week but my goal is to become consistent. In terms of the active lifestyle, I have sort of failed. I haven’t went to the gym except for once, but I do walk everywhere, and due to my current cough, I’ve been drinking 2 bottles of water a day. In terms of going to a Christian concert or conference, this weekend I will going to a conference with my fellowship here on Grounds, and I am pumped! Lastly, this month, I traveled to Richmond for one of my classes. All in all, January was a great month for goals with room for improvement.


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Upwards and onwards. For February, I’m looking towards starting new clubs at school. I will be learning about digital marketing and perhaps graphic design. My future career is yet to be determined but I’m hoping my experiences in this clubs will open me up to new ideas about what my career could look like. I’m also looking for summer internships in those fields.

I rushed and I’m technically a part of a sorority but I’m uncertain about whether or not I will stick with it. So fingers crossed I make a decision in February!

For my dear blog, I hope to have slightly more content but also a more structured site. I want to be more consistent, but I’m just afraid I’ll make content that I don’t really like all for the sake of a deadline I created.

I want to begin promoting posts on my social media accounts, making a logo for the blog, and perhaps a brand tagline to really explain what Studying Life With Gigi is all about.

Life Lesson: Be here, be present – it always feels better that way.

Signing off, Gigi

What’s life like for you now? How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? How do you plan to attack February?

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