Life Update of May 2021

Hey friends! These last few weeks have been so hectic and chaotic – filled with a lot of moving and exams and activities that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and catch you up on my life – so here’s my life update!

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of writing these posts are, my life updates or even my posts in general. It can sort of feel like I’m writing into the void, that I’m writing words but no one is listening (and maybe no one really wants to). Nevertheless, I press on. Not because there are people waiting to see what I’ll write next, but because writing this all down allows me to process it. Somehow the life I’m living is real. And it’s full of good moments and boring ones and all those moments strung together are worthy of reflection. So I’m here!

I finished classes a few weeks ago but I’m only a little bit over a week done with exams by the time this has reached you. Third year was a weird one. If someone told me I would spend 2.5 semesters online when I started college (not including January term or Summer), I would’ve told them they were crazy. And yet, a pandemic has swept through the globe so third year was weird. 

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As for my summer plans, they have only recently come together. I will be taking ~another~ online course in Medical Anthropology and doing a remote marketing internship. I think anyone who has browsed through my blog or my Twitter or my Instagram would quickly come to the conclusion that I am not a medical person. I am as far as someone can be from science and yet I’m taking this course. “Why?” you ask. Well, over this past semester I decided to declare a minor in Bioethics. I had been struggling to decide between Philosophy and Religious Studies for quite some time, but this minor combines both and could open the doorway to some compelling career options if I choose. 

I could become a lawyer. I could become a chaplain. Two professions could not be further from one another. But I honestly think I could work hard to become good at either. I’m just not sure which is the right one. Not that I have to decide right now. And of course, I’m still dreaming of being a podcast producer. *me winking at NPR*

Which brings me to my internship. I got a ton of rejections applying for internships this time around. The summer of your third year is the summer where you’re supposed to get that key internship that helps you get that dream job come fourth year. Aside from the fact that I think it’s wild to set such a high expectation for your third year summer, I got a ton of rejections from podcast companies. I want to get into the industry but it seems like every door I try to enter gets slammed shut in my face. If you have any contacts, please let me know! I’d really love any sort of in I can find. 

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While I didn’t get my dream internship, I did get a marketing one. The company’s based in D.C. and I really like how high their values and integrity are for them. It’ll be interesting working for them for 8 weeks. Luckily for me, my class and my internship only overlap for 3 days. Whew!

But forging ahead, in August, I’ll be 21, a fully grown adult! I’m excited for what the fall will bring. While I have been nervous and hesitant about the vaccine, I am getting it. I think everyone should make the best decision for their health and safety when it comes to getting it. 

In the fall, I’ll be a fourth year, living in an apartment with one of my closest college friends! I already have 2 trips planned in the fall and expect a third to come to fruition. I think the thing I’m most excited for again is traveling. Being at home has been great but there is nothing like the novelty of a new journey or returning to a once beloved place. Also, I’ll finally be able to check out the Charlottesville wineries. It’ll be good for classes and activities to be in person. To give hugs again! To have a glimpse of a normal college experience again before I have to say goodbye.

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Just checking back in with my resolutions:

  1. Working on getting up at 8am (but maybe 7:30 when my job starts)
  2. I’ve been slacking on my sunscreen game, but we’re working on it
  3. My quiet time and prayer have been super haphazard these last few weeks so it’s a priority of mine to get back to consistency (especially if I wake up everyday at 8)
  4. Intentional times of rest have been great! (a bit too great one might add)
  5. I finally have time to workout again and so I’ve been doing the 12-3-30 as well as another workout pretty regularly this past week

Those are the major things – I also have some side things. I’d like to post twice a week on the blog for a few weeks as a challenge to myself, so that’s starting with this post! I want to be consistent on here again and I may or may not try out a new thumbnail style. While I’ve loved my current style, I’ve seemed to have run out of ideas, so things may look new here. 

I’m also planning on working on my own podcasting project called Everybody is Interesting. I just want to interview people and find the most unique facts about them through a conversation. I wouldn’t be publishing this on any platforms. It’s for future employers who want to have a portfolio of my work, and get to see the initiative I have at making a podcast of my own. If you’re interested, let me know! I’d love to Zoom and learn more about you!

Friends, it’s been great to catch up with you. Please let me know what new things are going on in your life because I’d love to know. And let me know if you want to learn more about how you could be a part of my podcast!

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