Life Update of May 2019

Hey y’all! Long time, no blog. It’s been quite a minute since I sat and talked with you all, and so I just wanted to write a May update letting you all know how I’ve been.

I am currently at home in New York City. The weather has been amazing here. I finished my freshman year classes on April 30th, and I finished my final exams on May 10th. However, I only got back home on last Friday, May 18th.

I am excited for this summer, three months of great weather and good friends. Freshman year was all over the place and I am sure to do a freshman year reflection with some advice sprinkled in.

However, I decided it would be good to update you all on my New Year’s Resolutions and make some goals for the summer. At the end of this post, I’ll leave some music to head into this warm, beautiful summer!

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New Year’s Resolutions Update

Goshen, VA

Travel to a new city every month

If I tweak this resolution, I have traveled to a different city every month. I’ve gone to Richmond, Goshen, and a few other places that have slipped my mind. I’d say so far, so good.

Go to a Jesus concert/conference

I have! I’ve gotten to Intervarsity’s Winter Conference, and I am currently planning to see Bethel in October.


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Daily journal

I have to be honest. There was one day where I just fell asleep in my bed with so much exhaustion. This is one resolution where I want to give myself grace. Additionally, I have written in my freshman year journal for EVERY SINGLE DAY, so I have those amazing memories and thoughts to look back on. I started this new journal after freshman year classes ended. I definitely will do a journal review post soon.

Drink water everyday/active lifestyle

While I’ve walked to class everyday, drinking water daily was hard so, I have gotten into the habit of having water with breakfast, and it has craved my cravings so much. I have fell on the bandwagon being back home. Reinforcing your habits when your environment has changed is extremely difficult.

Weekly blog

In this, I have probably failed the most. The reason I set this goal was for the sake of consistency. Not reaching this goal is teaching me how to give myself grace.

It’s not about reaching your New Year’s Resolution for a pat on your back – it’s about trying and trying and trying until you succeed.

Summer Goals (1)

Summer Goals

Blog once a week

I have more time to dedicate to the blog, and I want to do this passion of mine justice. Hopefully, I will do more than blog once a week, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. After all, it is summer.

Exercise three times a week

More time is more time to focus on gaining strength and being healthier. I really want to take advantage of every moment I have to better myself.

Gain and complete a summer internship

Since April, I have been applying for various summer internships, and I really want to work hard this summer, learning something I am passionate about – preferably in the field of marketing or communications.

I am not going make a list of a thousand items. I only want to do a few things and do them well.

Now, time for what you’ve all been waiting for! My amazing summer playlist!

These are some songs that have been in my head for the past two weeks in no particular order. I hope that you have a good time listening!

Summer 2019 Playlist


Uma Thurman is such a summer vibe!

Parachute is so underrated. They sound so GOOD live. Please go listen to their self-titled!

I have absolutely loved Light Year from the moment I heard it and I still do. The Story So Far have hit their high with Proper Dose. Go listen!

Signing off,


Send me your life updates of May! Let me know more you!

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