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Today is a lovely day in May. The trees are bright and green as the light streams through my window. I’m relaxing on my couch. Honestly, I’ve been feeling a twinge of writer’s block and I’m in a reading slump, so this was supposed to be a books & songs post, but now it’s not. I feel like for the past few days I’ve been scrolling a bit too long. When I come back to reality, I just feel disoriented. So let me tell you about the songs and the incredible lyrics I’ve been listening to lately! (I promise my next post will be a little bit more insightful!) 

Lyrics + New Jams

I Don’t Care if You’re A Monster by Mat Kerekes

Mat Kerekes is the lead singer of Citizen, a band I love with its latest album having been an obsession of mine. He has done some solo stuff that I haven’t paid much attention to, but I was curious about his newest album You Look Like a Stranger (reminding me of a lyric on Edge of the World by Citizen). 

Sonically, I absolutely adore I Don’t Care if You’re a Monster. It blends both acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly. I have listened to it on repeat. It begins a little bit hauntingly then picks up with a fun beat. My favorite lyric is “I see now all my pipe dreams are just false advertising. What the song means I’m not sure, but my theory is that it’s about his fears about being in a relationship for the long haul. Also, the ending is just stunning. Just ends as hauntingly as it began. 

Other songs I love from this album: Paper Dolls, Pick and Choose. Pick and Choose is so well written. A lyric I love is “I saw you in a dream, don’t know which of us should signal first, you stare into the void and the silence will be your answer.

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Moonflower + I Get Overwhelmed Sometimes by Abbie Gamboa

I love Abbie’s new album Pure. I think it’s almost a no skip album for me. If you’re a Christian, I’d highly recommend her songs. Moonflower is about rediscovering our dependency on God. This album is so soft and meditative. It’s not a loud worship album with drums and guitars. It’s about intimacy. Moonflower is stunning, and its outro cements its beauty. The outro goes like “I heard about a garden, somewhere south of London, where moonflowers are hanging overhead, and though they’re lovely in the light, the gardener said come back tonight, the darkness makes the fragrance rise.” That last line gives me chills.

I Get Overwhelmed Sometimes is still very laid back but with a little bit of beat. This song is perfect if you struggle with anxiety. It’s peppered with reminders from God. “I trust that You know the way that we’ll go, if You’re leading, I’ll follow.

Waiting Here by Kate Alexa

I grew up watching the Australian tv show H2O: just add water. One of the main reasons I loved the show was the soundtrack. Kate Aleva has the H20 soundtrack and all of the songs are incredible. I actually can remember when each song was playing. I particularly love season 2 songs, as those are the most moody. A song I haven’t heard in a long time but still know the words to is Waiting Here. I love “Every time I see your face, every time you walk away, I’ll be waiting here for you.”

So utterly nostalgic!

Who I Am Without You by BLÜ EYES

I found BLÜ EYES on TikTok. I don’t usually listen to pop music, but I found myself drawn to her voice. Her songs are all about life: friendship breakups, body image, feeling like life is passing you by. I’m a huge fan. I don’t think I’ve been a fan of someone with such fervor for a long time. I particularly love her singing golden years in Who I Am Without You. “You took my weekends, my summers, my golden years.” My current favorite song by her is Wish We Never Happened. It’s super catchy! 

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All The Way Back by Calah Mikal + Cecily

Back to the Christian music. All The Way Back is about our turning back to God and finding him right where we left him. He is always loving pursuing us. He initiated a covenant of love and still continues to pursue us. It’s a beautiful song about realizing God’s kindness towards us. My favorite lyric is “You took the cross so I could rest, You’ve gone before me, for a thousand steps.

Release by Ronnie Freeman

This song instantly became my obsession when I first heard it. Give me a song with a piano and I’m in love. My word for May is release. Release (the song) reflects the tug of war in our hearts when we need to release something we are holding onto because we are no longer holding onto God. It’s a stunning reflection. We often forget God wants to release things because he has better for us. But in our limited perspective, we think we know what is best. It is only when we release what we are holding, we can receive what God has for us. My favorite lyric of this song (and I have many) is “I might never know what You have for me, ‘til I let go of the crumbs I’ve been carrying, finally sit down at the feast You’ve prepared for, You have good things for me. It’s the reminder that He has a feast for us that I adore!

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Thick Skull by Paramore

Paramore is my favorite band on this earth. They have consistently shocked me with the beauty of their music, and I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. Though this record is not my favorite, there were a few songs that were incredible. Thick Skull is about the band’s history and their contentious breakups. It’s honestly Hayley’s grief at trying to hold onto something for the long haul and enduring scar after scar. I relate so hard when it comes to friendship, clinging so hard but by the time I should let go, it hurts so much. I have a text message I wrote way before this song came out that mirrors those first lines. “I am a magnet for broken pieces, I am attracted to broken people, I pick ‘em up and now my fingers are bleeding, And it looks like my fault.

However Figure 8 is probably my favorite song. It’s electrifying. It’s different sonically from anything I think Paramore has done, though it does remind me of Pool. It’s about changing for the sake of someone else, and losing yourself.

I will say this album only reinforced my love for the previous album, After Laughter.

Even When I’m Not With You by Pierce the Veil

The last song is from a band whose previous record came out when I was 16. Now that I’m 22, I’d say it was worth the wait. This new album is still very much emo and loud and still Pierce the Veil, but more mature. Even When I’m Not With You is my favorite. This song feels very old school but with a little rhythm. It’s about love and finally feeling that you’ve met your person. I love this song sonically. The lyrics fit in perfectly. This is a perfect Pierce the Veil song. Unique lyrics. Incredible sonics. And of course, the perfect outro: “It’s good to know that I’m, the only one who could cut you further, what is love besides, two souls trying to heal each other?

And with that, this long post detailing my music taste is wrapped. Let me know what you are listening to! I always need more recommendations.

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