Mastering Life in the Mundane

In the age of technology, we know the celebrities in a way we didn’t before. We can now see Kylie Jenner on her luxury vacation via her Snapchat or hear the political views of Trump via Twitter. No longer do we need the paparazzi to tell us what our favorite celebrities are doing. On Youtube, we can easily watch videos of what people living extraordinary lives look like, We see the boat trips and the Gucci bags and the trips from LA to Greece. No signs of the mundane here.


In this world, we’ve watched other people’s lives so much that we now believe our lives are less than the ones of the people we’re watching. Somehow, someone streaming their lives makes our lives seem boring and humdrum in comparison. As a college freshman, it’s easy to watch all the college vlogs and see how my college experience is so boring. I’m not doing enough, meeting enough people, having enough friends, having enough fun.

As much as we live for the moments that set our souls on fire, we have to realize that not every waking moment is like that. Not in every moment do I feel that I am worth it. Not in every moment do I feel that college is wonderful.

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In fact, most moments of life are made of the ordinary, the mundane moments that you may not remember in 10 years, but it’s the moment that pulls you through when your lows are at the lowest. It’s waking up to a sunrise every morning and thanking God for the view. Or it’s stepping outside and being happy because you aren’t shivering in the cold. It’s being aware of the seasonal changes and choosing to see the blessings, not the sorrow.

On the other hand, it’s sitting with yourself at 2 am, trying to finish that paper while your roommate is sleeping. It’s letting your phone die on a walk and being in awe of the world around you. It’s failing that test and recognizing for once, that grade doesn’t define you.

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If we live for the extraordinary, we miss the blessings in the small moments. We miss the gratitude and the joy we bring to life when we are aware of the small, ordinary moments in a day. In wishing for a girl gang, weekend road trips, and game nights, I miss the person who wants to play football at 11 at night inside the dorm. The epic Netflix binge of The Good Place. When we wish life away, we wish away the good, even if what we imagine is just as great.

I want to become the type of person who finds the mundane – and dances in its midst. Instead of running from it, I run toward it. I leap in faith as I learn to love the moments that don’t attract eyes. But when our eyes are drawn to a new perspective, we see everything clearly.

When we can live life without the expectation of every second of every day to be absolutely amazing, we can fully cherish it for what it is. Taking in every moment and being present in all its imperfections.

Signing off, Gigi

How will you cherish the mundane? What’s a thing you like to do every day that you enjoy?

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