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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last quiet winter series post. *cue sad tears* While this series is coming to an end, I want to share with you some things that you can choose to begin. (How’s that for a paradox?) It’s winter and I think we need some rituals and rhythms to get us into this season. While there’s spring cleaning and driving around to find the prettiest fall leaves, there is much of winter that’s routine. Winter is full of bursts of snow and gifts, good or bad. It isn’t a season known for its steadfastness. The only exception is the cold. That brutal winter cold. So here are some suggestions of rituals and rhythms you can incorporate if winter is getting a tad dull.

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Watch something new

Though I’m not a fan of massive consumption, it might be good to get into something different. Change from action movies to kids movies. Watch an anthology-type TV show versus a Netflix movie. Switch to a 70s comedy (The Mary Tyler Moore show) from a drama. When we change what we consume, we find that it’s easier to notice new things, to inquire about tiny details. This seems like it has nothing to do with winter and that’s intentional. If you hate winter, it would be remiss to think about it all of the time. But this point is also about consumption in general. Changing what you watch makes you more thoughtful about what you put before your eyes. Once you stop watching that show, you spend less time scrolling on social media. You spend more time trying out more hobbies. Consuming shifts to creation because you adjusted what you consumed. I highly recommend trying this and seeing what happens.

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Get rid of old photos and put up new ones

You know the saying Out with the old, In with the new? Well, this point encompasses this. I actually did this with the photos on my wall. Though I loved the photos I had, I wanted to put new ones up. A tiny change that would help me glance around my room with fresh eyes. (I still haven’t put up new ones :/). You don’t have to do much if you want to have your space feel new. A removal can be what spurs inspiration. Maybe you realize you do like those photos where they are. But maybe you realize that there is a better place for those photos. You are able to discern what is right and what isn’t. And that sounds simple—just a change in space. But a change in our space is a change in our minds. We see differently because reality is slightly different. As what we see changes, new thought patterns emerge and new ideas form. You question old ideas and welcome new ones. So do yourself a favor. Get rid of the old photos and put up new ones.

Add the twinkle lights

You knew this one was coming. At least, you know if you’ve read the blog for any number of months. I’m a gal who loves twinkle lights. If you have seasonal depression or the darkness of winter gets to be too much sometimes, this tip is for you. I haven’t said much on rituals and rhythms quite yet, but this is a ritual I have—when nighttime comes, I turn on the lights. My room instantly has a cozy feel. Maybe your ritual means that you make hot chocolate and then turn on your lights. (BRB I’m going to do that!). My lights are multicolored, but you could do yellow lights if you like the outdoor patio vibe. You could do a bright red color or get string lights where you can control the color. Do what you need to do to make your space inviting and warm because it’s brutal out there (Yes, this is an Olivia Rodrigo reference. No, I don’t listen to her music. Everyone go stream Paramore.)

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Set out a new book for the coffee table

In November, after following him on Instagram for a little bit, I was tempted to and did buy Andy Squyres’s Poet Priest Vol 1. It’s a collection of artwork, poetry and essays. And she’s gorgeous. The cover is plain but the inside is rich like your Mom’s lasagna. I set up the book open by my printer, so that each week I can switch up the essay or art. This week, it’s turned to Sometimes miracles happen, sometimes they do not. While I made the discovery of Andy on Instagram, perhaps you could make the discovery of your new coffee table book at a thrift store or among your bookshelf. To find something good doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. You just have to keep your eye out for something worth setting out on your coffee table. Besides, discovery isn’t always intentional. Sometimes we wander into the best discoveries of our lives. Keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what kind of treasure is hidden away?

Organize and nest

You may be thinking to yourself I’m not a mother, why should I organize and nest? And to you my gentle reader, I respond, why shouldn’t you? Organizing and nesting is not only for mothers. We all require a space that is uncluttered and structured. And that space is made more homey with nesting is important. Nesting is usually for preparing for a baby to arrive. But you have no idea what winter is birthing in you. So you should nest. In preparation of what’s to come. Because it’s important to organize your space from chaos to order. Winter is the season where it feels like nothing is growing, and yet you are defiant in organizing and nesting. You are saying you believe something is growing underneath the surface. Your reality demands to match that inner resolve you have, so you nest. Let this be a rhythm for you. Create rituals and rhythms around this. To nest and organize as you seek to make your inner world match your outer one. Growth is happening here, you best prepare for its arrival.

Well, folks, we’ve come to the end of this series! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you return here when winter comes back around. 

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Let me know what rituals and rhythms keep you going during winter. I’m now going to drink my hot chocolate. 

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