Give Her Grace

During this semester, I was struggling in my French class. I had just received a low grade on one of my exams, and I was feeling stressed. One of my dormmates consoled me and encouraged me. “It’s just one bad grade. You have so many other chances to improve,” she said.

When You’re Feeling Lost, Read This

Lately in the middle of the hustle and bustle of college, I’ve been feeling kind of lost. It’s like I’ve been wandering around, in the dark, grasping and striving for something to all make sense, for my college experience to click together perfectly. I know that have plenty of posts about embracing the present and accepting life for what it is - but this feeling of being lost is one I can’t quite shake.

Blogger at her desk typing away at her Macbook and phone writing a blog post.

Beginning at the end

What does it mean to start at the end? “If there’s a future, we want it NOW!” - Now by Paramore It’s December and I made it my New Year’s resolution in 2018 to make a blog and be consistent with it for the year. As I said before, it’s December. However, before you start judging … Continue reading Beginning at the end