Innovation’s a Curse But Maintenance is Life

What Do we Collectively Value? What types of jobs are most valued in our society? Another way of asking this question is who is being paid more and why? We love the CEO but resent the barista. Or we praise the administrator and forget the janitor. Tish Harrison Warren has this quote my former boss … Continue reading Innovation’s a Curse But Maintenance is Life

Self-sufficiency is a devastating lie

Today I scrolled on Twitter. That’s not the most interesting thing ever, but that’s one of the things I did today. I saw on Twitter trending that self-made, this idea of self-sufficency, women were being celebrated. Just also stumbled onto this Twitter thread about people working 9-5 and feeling like they had no hobbies. These two separate posts on Twitter led me to a conclusion- Our culture truly glorifies self-sufficiency but then everyone wonders why they feel so isolated.