Taking a Tech Break

I think I’m exhausted. The constant culture to scroll, to watch has left me nothing but tired. I felt it on my winter break – I was in the best position to be relaxed, and yet I felt the opposite. Everyday I would wake up, another day off from classes and school and professors, yet I’d fall asleep feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything at all, just wasted the day.

I finally landed on it!

I’m tired of consuming – of watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, even reading makes my eyes hurt. And that’s coming from a bookworm. So in general, yes, I’m tired of consuming. In our culture, that’s really what we do. We buy and shop and watch and scroll. I want to do something different. I want to spend my time with less stuff and less storylines. I just don’t want to feel so exhausted.

The one option I had in mind was to do nothing (or workout, but how long could you do that until boredom hits?). Actually do nothing. No scrolling, no watching, no anything. Just sit with my thoughts. Instead of consuming, my mind urged me to create, so here I wrote a list –



  • Grab the instrument your parents forced you to learn when you were young and play terribly
  • Journal about how bored you are
  • Take a walk for ten seconds and enter the house swearing not to leave until your deathbed
  • Talk to yourself and assess your traumatic state during the summer of 2019
  • Drink water and think to yourself how healthy you are becoming
  • Cook something with no instructions and end up with burnt bread for dinner
  • Do a sixth grade art project and then spend several hours trying to make it straight on your wall
  • Start a blog (!)
  • Draw a picture in a journal everyday, until you have a collection of pictures of you wishing you were on your computer



In the midst of all our consuming, we forget that there’s a world in front of us. A world we have to live in and breathe in, a world that still exists when we’ve put on headphones and scrolled through Instagram. Take a break from all that consuming and smell the roses.


Signing off,



This is a post shorter than most, but it’s a reminder to get off that screen and get into the world. What do you do when you need a tech break?


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