Weekend-ish in my life

And friends, we are back with the days in the life posts. These are simple posts to write and yet complicated to put together and here we are back at it again (with the white Vans). This is a weekend-ish in the life. This means I am blogging my Friday and Saturday. I ended up sharing my Sunday on Instagram, so follow me on there for more day to day content.

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Friday September 3, 2021

Friday morning was weird. It felt like I was rushing a ton. I woke up and then realized I wanted to go to the bookstore for some books in my philosophy and religious studies classes, but then I had work at 10. It was an all around rushed time. And I definitely didn’t make it to work on time. In fact, I left my apartment at 9:24. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, especially since the mornings have cooled down since September has begun. The walk to the bookstore was particularly stunning with the flowers blooming by the railing. 

After the bookstore, I had a simple breakfast – some yogurt and a bagel. I then hightailed it to work for an event that actually didn’t end up happening due to some communication mishaps. It was a tea focused event (or it was supposed to be). 

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I then left work to have a meeting with a mentor for vocational discernment. I feel like the term vocational discernment only comes up in religious circles, but I guess it’s the same as finding out what you should do with your life but it’s God-centered and faith-focused. Meeting my mentor went really well and we matched up in some of our family history. 

I moved on over to Vintage Lunch where I got a delicious bowl with some salad, rice, sweet potatoes, and barbeque chicken. We learned about Augustine and read a portion of Confessions  and I was shocked to learn that Confessions is not Augustine’s journal entries but he actually wrote it to be read. Those words are so intimate, so vulnerable to question and doubt. And to invite others along to peer into the journey is a brave thing. 

I met a friend outdoors and we ate and chatted together about life as fourth years, our faith journeys and where we saw things going. It had been a hot minute since I had a good catch up convo so that was sweet. 

Later on, we trudged over to the fourth year dinner and then to UVA’s Rotunda Sing, where acapella groups show us how talented they are. It was a cool night. I saw A BUNCH of people I hadn’t seen since first year, and it was cool to stay until the sun went down.

A little wisdom.

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Saturday September 4, 2021

Saturday morning I took a bunch of photos and wrote out a little IG post. It was also me and my roommate’s time to do something together that wasn’t church or going to an event. So we went back to the place that established our friendship – Chick-fil-A. You my Chick-fil A, closed on the inside. LOL. Yes, this Chick-fil-A didn’t allow us to go inside and so we ate in the car. Chick’n minis were great!

Then we made our way over to ALDI for some necessary groceries. I did not photograph the adventure that was trying to find a plunger at Walmart, which was supersized. I’ve never seen a Walmart that big. 

I did A TON of reading on Saturday. Some John Rawls, some Kamila Shamsie. 

Later that evening, my roommates and a few church friends made our way to the football game. It’s been so long since I’ve been inside Scott Stadium, and I’m glad I went. Even if I was bored a good chunk of the time (don’t hurt me!).

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After the game, I legitimately fell asleep reading Home Fire. Granted, I was reading in my bed, which wasn’t the smartest move. But that’s how Saturday ended. 

And then here’s a few random photos of my Sunday.

And yes, before you ask, my phone did die. Twice.

Well, that’s it, folks!

I hope you’ve had a good day or weekend where you are. Hopefully, someone has made you laugh or given you permission to dream a new dream.

Signing off, 


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