What I Learned in 2018

2018 was quite a year. It honestly passed by so fast, and the different parts of 2018 feel like 2 different years. Here are some things that I learned:

There are some dreams that aren’t truly serving you

We like to believe all of our dreams are really best for us, but honestly, the expectations we put on ourselves can be harmful. I thought coming into college I’d still be an amazing A student. That dream was just not for me. It taught me not to put my worth and validation on my grades. If I spent this whole semester at the library or in my room studying, I would have missed out on moments of friendship and laughter. It reordered my priorities. I’d rather build great relationships in college than have the perfect GPA.

Some dreams really do come true

As much as I daydreamed about being able to go to college out of state, I didn’t think it was possible. In fact, I applied to more NY schools than out of state schools. But sometimes, life just works out. You get what you’ve been dreaming of.

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You have to work for what you want

In that case, go work for what you want. Just because I didn’t fully believe I’d be going to school out of state doesn’t mean I’d didn’t try to do good in school. I got a 4.0. I took my SAT 4 times to get a decent score that I thought met reach school standards. I was involved in so much – computer science, mock trials, journalism work, etc. Hard work beats dreaming every time.

Wait for the right people instead of feeling lonely with the wrong people

The first few weeks of college can feel extremely lonely. It sucks when you go to a school where everyone knows a few people from high school, and you know absolutely no one. Don’t settle for the people who are nice but don’t vibe well with you. You’ll end up at the dining hall feeling awkward instead of comfortable. I’d rather feel like I can be myself than adjust myself to fit someone else’s personality. It takes time for you to find your people.

Kindness goes so far

In meeting the amazing people I know now and call my friends, they were so kind to me. They invited me to so many things. They drove me around. They always asked about how I was doing and how they could help me. In the future, I will be this person for a future first year because this kindness made me feel less alone.

Being intentional is healthy

Go forth! Be the person you want to be friends with. Every single day, walk into the dining hall and ask to sit with someone at lunch. Ask them questions. Talk a little about yourself. Find some common ground. I did this, and met some great people – in fact, one girl I always sit with at lunch because I legitimately asked to sit with her.

Spontaneity can bring happiness

You will not meet people if you just spend all your time in your room. Go to the dining hall with someone if they ask. Go to school events. Go alone or go with your roommate. Just go! Its moments when someone just asked if I wanted to go out and I said “Yes,” I felt like I was actually having a college experience – doing things and meeting people. Go watch a movie. Have a spa night. Host a tea party. Let go of that planning nature in you. Be spontaneous.

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2018 Highlights

January – I rang in the New Year submitting my college applications. Yay me for procrastinating this long!

February – On February break, I woke up early and got breakfast with my family. I had waffles and strawberries with whipped cream. I saw Black Panther with my family!

March – I saw a performance based on Black History Month. I got into UVA (2022)! I was shocked and happy!

April – Got a major scholarship. Traveled to Alfred, NY; Syracuse, NY, and Charlottesville, VA! I started listening to podcasts this year – Beautiful Anonymous!

Alfred, NY

May – I had my last NHS induction ceremony and took my AP exams.

June – I graduated high school, went to Six Flags for the first time, and had a tea party.

July – I went to Haiti to see family & started my summer internship.


August – I finished my summer internship & moved into my college dorm.

September – I went to North Carolina – Outer Banks!

October – First Fall Break! I did Alternative Fall Break at a local farm.

November – I legitimately had an ice cream dance party! I loved it!

December – This past weekend was full of great food and laughter and the best company – Family!

I hope 2018 was an amazing year for you! I hope 2019 is even better!

Signing off, Gigi

What were some amazing 2018 memories for you? What do you have to look forward to in 2019?

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