What I’ve Learned From 2019 & 2019 Highlights

This year has been a wild ride. It’s the end of the decade. It’s the 10th year anniversary to 2009, which had some amazing music. Did someone just mention Kelly Clarkson? Just me, okay. I’ve just spent the last few days looking at the three journals which contains the span of Jan 2019 to now, Dec 2019. It’s been a long incredible year and I just wanted to share with you all what I’ve learned.


Every day is a chance at a good day

Looking back on my journal for this year, I can’t count how many times I wrote that “Today was a good day.” And it was. It’s just that in the rush of figuring out new year’s resolutions and the holiday blues that comes around, everyone starts feeling like this year amounts to nothing. That’s a lie! There have been good and bad all around. I traveled this year the most I’ve ever had in my life. I had so many adventures in Virginia. I listened to good music. I ate good food. I laughed and danced and cried. But most days, no matter what had happened or the circumstances I was in – it was a dang good day!

Let’s start to live life like this. That one bad moment doesn’t spoil the rest. That there is still good found in our lives even when all we can do is breathe in and take one more step.


Spontaneity can lead to some amazing adventures

Virginia is weirdly cool. I say weirdly cool, because who’d ever thought that some of the most beautiful parts of the United States could be found there. I know, so random. I guess Thomas Jefferson. But I don’t know, TJ’s kind of complicated. Anyway, southwest Virginia is so cool. Richmond has some awesome parts. Williamsburg is colonial. VA has a lot going for it. 

Say yes! Say yes to all of the random opportunities that make their way towards you. It’s not everyday you can hop into a car and end up in one of the most historical places in the country. It’s not everyday that you can head to the beach or spend hours singing with friends in a beach house with 24 rooms. Life won’t always give you opportunities where everything feels larger than life. But when it does, say yes!


If you never ask, you’ll always get a no

Whether it’s asking for your dream job or for a higher salary, take a risk and ask. You never know what your answer will be. I asked my parents if I could spend an extra week in Virginia to learn and grow with some awesome people. They said yes, and that led me to Goshen, VA – Rockbridge. An amazing conference in the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes life says no, and it sucks. I asked Greyhound for my luggage back, and they said no. I asked to join a radio club this past semester, and they said no. I asked for an internship in Digital Marketing, they said no. Rejection comes whether you like it or not. But if you never try to get a yes, it’ll always be a no.


Expectations can make you bitter but gratitude leads to joy

After hearing my various rejections this year, you might be wondering how I survived them all to keep asking for more. While I deserve respect (as one human to another), I don’t necessarily deserve all the clothes that I lost, a specific club position, or a prestigious internship. If I expected all these things and never got them, it would be easy to be bitter and disheartened. I’d go on mad at the world because I never got what I deserve. 

When you put your life into perspective, you can more easily be grateful. The good news is that though I lost some of my favorite clothes, family jewelry, cleaning products, and more, I didn’t lose everything I have, I didn’t lose my life, and I learned that I could live without a few things. Though I didn’t get that radio position, I had more time to do other clubs and show up for other parts of my life. Though I didn’t get that internship, I get to reach out to other companies and find something that fits into my future goals. 

Reframe your struggles. Yes, you should and can feel sad. That’s perfectly okay. But wallowing in sadness until you are bitter is not good for your soul. Be grateful and push forward.


There are moments you think should last forever: cherish them

Whether it was a particular bonfire with an incredible attractive guy or sharing my testimony with my friends, whether it was my first concert or my last dance party of the semester, whether it was driving around Virginia, or going to Cookout for the first semester – this year was it! This year was full of some of the most amazing memories ever. I laughed and cried and danced and stressed and worried and prayed and sang. There were highs and lows – but this year showed me that the journey that I’m on won’t always be easy, but the highs will be so high I want them tattooed on my mind for years to come.

Highlights of this crazy adventure – my favorite year yet!

  • Joining Large Group team in February
  • Finishing my first year of college!
  • Going to my first concert ever – Parachute
  • Going to Goshen, VA in May
  • Investing in this blog
  • Spending a weekend in North Carolina with my friends
  • Going to Richmond for rest
  • Most days were actually good days!!


That’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed!


Signing off,



What were your highlights for 2019? Comment below!

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