What’s Saving My Life Right Now?

A few weeks ago, I stumbled along Mrs. Modern Darcy, who shares her love for books and reading tips on her blog and podcast. She has a seasonal blog post titled What’s Saving My Life Right Now? all about the simple things that bring us joy and peace. I figured this would be a lovely piece to share with you all to muse upon the small things that keep you going, the things that are saving your life. Here goes, folks!


Given that I have more time on my hands post-grad, I’ve dedicated so much time to reading and enjoying picking up new books. In fact, I’m currently looking forward to reading Tyler Staton’s new book Praying Like Monks. If you want to spend less time scrolling, spend more time reading. Grab some fiction, grab some nonfiction, get a blanket, and get cozy to read!!! I’m currently reading Pete Greig’s book on unanswered prayer God On Mute. (Can you sense a theme?)

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Cold brew tea

This is not as popular as cold brew coffee (because Americans LOVE their coffee, especially my dad), but it’s still as good. When the weather was warm, thinking about drinking a hot cup of tea did not sit well with me. You can either use loose leaf tea or tea bags. My ration is usually 3 tea bags to 20 oz, or 3 spoons of loose leaf tea (not teaspoons, a regular spoon). I highly recommend filtered water and then just set it in the fridge overnight, and you have wonderful cold brew tea. I love doing chai tea and hibiscus tea, but go along with what your palate desires!

A morning time of quiet

I’ve had a quiet time in college, and it honestly looks the same these days. I love waking up in the morning, brushing my teeth, and putting water to boil on my kettle. I make a cup of tea (hot tea these days), and then just try to get quiet. After I take a few breaths, I pray. Then I just read Scripture. I’m currently reading Deuteronomy and Proverbs. The last time I read two books together, I read Exodus and Daniel, and it was wonderful to see the way Scripture is connected. Having that time, away from social media, is so important. The morning quiet is so so good for the soul.


This is random, but it kind of goes along with what I’ve just said about having time away from social media, from screens in general. Sudoku is fun, engages my mind, and is easy to pick up. It’s nice to do when I’m tired and getting ready for bed. But if you don’t like Sudoku, you can also do word searches. Either way, taking a break from screens is key for our minds and souls.


If you want to feel warm and cozy and overall just happy, light a candle. When the lights dim and the sun hides earlier than before, light a candle. I love lighting a candle early in the morning in my quiet time because it reminds me to be still and breathe. The scent doesn’t matter as much as the mindset it brings me. Although my current scent is Lemon. 


I know hot girl walks are a thing. If you’re like me, you’re kind of averse to lots of intense workouts. So going on a daily 30 minute walk will really get you active. I get to go outside and breathe in the cool air. I get moving. It just takes a few moments to get moving before I get into the groove and I keep going. I highly recommend just getting out the door. You don’t have to go for 30 minutes at first, but try 10 minutes. Try going out without your phone. (Now I’m sensing a theme.) Just move and keep going.

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Limiting IG/Tik Tok for certain days

After my social media break that was July and August, I kind of realized there was no reason for me to be on social media every day. While I enjoy social media, limiting it allowed me to see what I actually looked forward to instead of just endlessly consuming on end. I try to go on IG on Friday and Saturday and Tik Tok is more random. For Tik Tok, I’ll randomly go on some days, but other days intentionally step away. I don’t keep either app on my phone. Twitter is one where I don’t feel like I spend all day there and I don’t feel anger or envy after spending time on it. Truly, I recommend checking your emotions and clearing your timeline!!!

Ok folks, that’s what’s been saving my life! Share some things below that have been saving your life this season.

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