The Opposite of the Aesthetic Life: Acceptance

Lately, I’ve been missing Charlottesville. Not the classes or the late nights, but the city’s beauty. Even as the weather would begin to cool, Charlottesville would have a bright blue sky hanging over it. The green of the trees would turn into reds and oranges, and they’d fall with a gentle whisper of the wind. … Continue reading The Opposite of the Aesthetic Life: Acceptance

February 2022: chaotic and sweet

February 2022 was a wild month. And yet was the most ordinary of moments—walking to class, going to work, eating food. February moments - Seek Jessica Navin’s spiritual warfare, passport appointment, watching the Duke game, having lunches with coworkers/bosses, interviews for fellows programs I’ve applied for.  Last year in December, I put together a list … Continue reading February 2022: chaotic and sweet

First Day of Third Year Second Semester

I’m back in Cville and classes have started up again! Here’s my first day of third year second semester. Woah, that was a mouthful, or a typeful. Anyways, I just wanted to show you a little day in my life. I have a few of these on the blog now, and I feel like the blog has become a place to write this all day and get a little snapshot of my life, especially when I look back on my college life.

Slow Living Habits

In quarantine, we have an opportunity to live differently than before. We have the option to do less or to live at a less hurried pace. Even for those with children and work right now, every day doesn’t have to be a sprint. We can choose the pace at which we live in order to add more peace into our lives. 

Loneliness & Friendship Studying Life with Gigi

Loneliness and Friendship

Walking into the dining hall can be anxiety inducing. After a long day of classes, you are ready to shove some food in your mouth and that’s the only thing on your mind. After settling down with whatever you’ve decided was edible, you look around and find the same situation - you are alone. After … Continue reading Loneliness and Friendship

College Bucket List

As a college sophomore, I feel it is fitting for me to write out the things I want to accomplish in the next 3 years. While this could have been done as a first-year (or in my freshmen year), I think learning all the things I could have done helped me create a bucket list that both honors UVA and myself.