College Bucket List

As a college sophomore, I feel it is fitting for me to write out the things I want to accomplish in the next 3 years. While this could have been done as a first-year (or in my freshmen year), I think learning all the things I could have done helped me create a bucket list that both honors UVA and myself. Cue the awesome things to come —


As a New York City native, lots of my high school friends have gone off to city schools, and so they commute from home. However, I do have a few friends who have gone upstate and it would be nice to pay them a visit while they’re in school. I honestly want to get the inside scoop of someone else’s college experience that’s not from my university.

I have been to North Carolina since I’ve been to college, but I would love to road trip elsewhere, either Tennessee or West Virginia. Part of me knows that I’d love to go to a football game, either at Alabama or Georgia.

I am not super outdoorsy. That’s the cost of being a New Yorker. But now that I live in Virginia, I really want to utilize all of the amazing fall weather for hiking. Humpback supposedly has an incredible view. I’ll have to check it out and decide that for myself.

Carter’s Mountain Orchard is famous in Cville, and I want to hop on that tradition. Besides, who doesn’t like apples? 

I have spent time in Cville, but I truly want to spend a Saturday at the Downtown Mall. Go to the Farmer’s Market, have brunch (the Nook is so good!), shop around, and truly enjoy the experience that is the historic downtown mall.

Visit the I love Cville. I have seen COUNTLESS photos of this sign. And despite being in Cville, I have yet to find it and take a photo for myself. Rick Montoya, a local graphic artist, and taxi driver created it on the side of a tire shop, and it’s located in the Belmont neighborhood. I will be annoying my friends with cars to find it, and officially make CVille my home. 

As a pretty new college blogger to the scene myself, it would be nice to make a friend in the blogging world that I could connect and meet up with. If anyone is looking for a college blogger to be friends with, I am here and I am available!

Go to an outdoor concert. Cville is known for food and music. I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite bands, Parachute, (that I’ve been listening to since 2012!) in Charlottesville at the Jefferson Theater. However, there are always free concerts and I know there are definitely some outdoor concerts. I would love to grab some friends, a few blankets, and make a special night of it.

Visit Monticello. If there’s one thing as UVA student I’ve been told to do, it’s streak the lawn. While the decision to do that is up to you, I’d argue that the next thing people say to do is visit Monticello. I have heard a lot about it, and it’s been said that it’s amazing by none other than my roomie.

Living in NYC, the thought of Williamsburg brought up the hipster area of Brooklyn. However, in Virginia, when they say Williamsburg, they mean colonial Williamsburg. Thus, this would be a great trip to take for history’s sake. It also houses the university Thomas Jefferson went to before he founded the University of Virginia.

The trails around Cville are well-known. In fact, as a freshman, I had a trail right behind my dorms called O-Hill trails. I know that a lot of people use trails to run, but I think I would rather walk and savor nature.

As a sugar connoisseur, I have nothing but love for sugary treats. Until my face breaks out, of course. In order to indulge in my love, I have tried Krispy Kreme and Duck Donuts, but I’m curious to see what Albemarle Baking Company has on those two. I still can’t decide whether Dunkin’ Donuts is better than them both. I say yes, only because I have access to Dunkin’ Donuts and not to a Krispy Kreme.

Side note: I LOVE that the South has things that the North doesn’t have in terms of food. But they really need to rethink their sweet tea. It’s either really bitter or too sweet.

The world of Shenandoah. I’ve heard about it since I stepped foot on Grounds. I’ve never been a National Park, so it would be the first of the sort for me, and I would get to experience the incredible view. Hence, why it’s on the college bucket list.

As much as we focus on our academics or on the clubs that “look good” on a resume, we want to have fun. And so, in my commitment to having fun, I decided that I would play one semester worth of an intramural sport. It may be the next one, or it may be my last one, but I’m determined to cross this one off the list.

If you read my First Year of College experience, you know that I got to see the National Championships. If you had watched the Championship or even looked it up, you know that it was in Minneapolis. So, UVA live-streamed it at the John Paul Jones (JPJ) Stadium. I for one would love to see a full basketball game played at JPJ because I know it’s a huge part of UVA’s culture and it seems like it would be a fun experience.

Last but not least, this is the one that requires the most preparation. In order for me to study abroad, I would need to plan it out in advance. I have no idea where I could go – the Czech Republic, France, Germany, etc. I want to nail down my major and my classes first, but I would love to go abroad on Winter Break or Summer Break. It would take me out of my comfort zone further and I would get to explore another country!

So, ladies and gentlemen, that is the college bucket list!


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