Exciting days of fall 2021 semester

Hey friends! Hope you all are doing well! Feel free to let me know down below 👇 what good and bad things are happening in your life. I always love hearing from you!! Today, I figured I’d share my daily college happenings to you especially since this week was my last full week of my last fall semester of college EVER! (Big yikes! *hyperventilating noises*) 

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I’ll start on Tuesday! I woke up and got out the door for my 9:30 by 8:22. This year I started to be more intentional about Advent, the season celebrating the coming of Christ. My church has been doing an Advent reading plan and for some reason, it’s made me more intentional about my time in reading Scripture and praying. For Tuesday, I read Psalm 13, which is honestly a Psalm I think we all understand. 

Whether or not people are religious, we all cry out for something greater to make sense of the world we live in. Often the cry of our hearts is How long? How long until the world is right again? We know that this world isn’t what it should be. And that’s why Christ’s coming is such a big deal. Because his goal is to redeem and restore the world. Anyway, if you’re feeling like this world is too much right now, perhaps Psalm 13 would be a comfort to you ❤.

Here’s a picture of the philosophy notes I took in class that will definitely not make sense when I have to read them again. 

Tuesday night was my intern dinner. We had lemon chicken orzo soup. And it was delicious!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wednesday’s breakfast was oatmeal with bananas and raspberries. Absolutely sweet!! And I found out that Spotify Wrapped came out, but I didn’t check it out until later. 

These are the killer outfit details. I’ve been loving this black and white vest for my outfits lately. Do you get obsessed with one item of clothing and keep trying to restyle it? 

I had my last discipleship/faith mentorship chat ever! Again, yikes! I don’t know how I’m going to cope with my last semester if I’m already freaking out about all the endings I’m having now. This conversation was super interesting and left me with a lot to wrestle with. I think I’ve learned over the years (and every once in a while, it’s nice to hear it explicitly) that you have to learn to love God and love his Word. It felt good to be affirmed in my love for the Bible, in its truth, even though these days, that love feels dry. 

I was told very explicitly that if I wanted to, I could do ministry. And the church hasn’t been kind to women in terms of affirming their gifts and their ability to do ministry. It’s not a path I considered much because I feel pretty weak in my faith (which is my own struggle). 

And it also goes into my struggle of what I do next—do I go into a traditional job? Do I go to seminary? Do I do a fellowship program? I have no dang clue. UGH. If you feel my uncertainty through the screen, sorry! 

And now for what we’ve all been waiting for! (At least I was !) Spotify Wrapped 🎉

Here are some of my results:

Crystal Clear by Miss Hayley Williams – this song is perfect for falling in love!)

Tears on Your Face by Bethany Barnard – this song just says how weary I am and how I definitely was going through it this year.

My top song of the year was Edge of the World by Citizen – not a surprise but I DEFINITELY listened to it more than 20 times. I listened to the album a lot on Youtube.

In terms of my top songs I was surprised by What I Really Need and I Don’t Wanna Go. I blame the last one on Spotify because it was the most recommended Chris Renzema song.

I was surprised by the top genres, because what the heck is neo mellow. … I just Googled and it means soft rock/folky rock. *shrugs*

My top artist was Citizen! I was in their top 2% of listeners. 

I made a pit stop during work at CVS to prep for a later event in the week. Keep reading for Thursday’s activities!

Branching off from my earlier conversation, I had another conversation about vocation and thoughts on women ordination. It’s one of those things where you have to figure out what each step to take is and to keep taking it one step at a time. Never has there been a path laid before you. Even with your dreams in mind, you never know what trials await you as you pursue your calling.

Wednesday’s dinner is lame. Cream cheese and jam as a sandwich and tea. Am I British? LOL. 

I helped set up for a worship night and then had a short but sweet dinner with my dear friend Mary!

This was what the worship night looked like. They played one of my favorites Mvini. If you have any time, just listen to this song! I promise you—it’s worth it!

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Thursday December 2, 2021

Here’s my 7:54am view!

Had my last hard workout of the semester and learned some things about Charles Mills and the Racial Contract in philosophy. I grabbed lunch and then sat in my favorite spot for the last time of the semester. This spot has been so healing for me. It’s a space of margin that I didn’t intentionally make, but I have been intentional in protecting. I listened to worship music and read my Next Right Thing Journal, looking back over the year. Highly recommend doing this!!!

After this, I had my last Ethics, Lit, and Religion class and it was slightly emotional. I didn’t cry but some classmates definitely got choked up. We reflected on what we learned from the books we read and how they applied to their lives. It was really sweet!

I headed over to the mailroom after class. Picked up a package and tried it on for my roommates and that was my formal dress. I had 3 other options for my formal dress as the first one I could not actually wear because I’m much too short, even with heels. 

WinterVarsity formal was stunning. We ate good food, we reflected with our ornaments and we danced! ‘Twas a good time!!

And I will end this post with a glorious post with a beautiful sunrise on the last Friday of the semester.

And that’s it, folks! Sorry this last few days in my semester post is so late. Wasn’t feeling too well last week and needed to take the week off. Plus finals stressed me out. But there’s a lot coming your way!! Hope you are safe and well!!!

Signing off,


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