Holiday Gift Guide: For the Cozy Minimalist

Hey friends! This holiday gift guide post is coming on a different day than usual, but I figured that the earlier that I got it out, the better. I only just finished up my Christmas shopping and I realize a lot of people are mostly shopping online to avoid potentially getting sick.

I wanted to create this gift guide for anyone who wanted to get a friend or a family member gifts but that aren’t the gift type, so these are useful gifts as well as just nice.

Holiday Gift Guide

Sunrise Clock

The sunrise clock is perfect for someone who likes to get up early and be productive. It’s also great for that person who would like to use less technology in the morning or who has a hard time waking up. It’s pretty and isn’t as annoying as usual clocks.

Oil Diffuser

Personally, this is what I asked for this Christmas. I just wanted to make my room more cozy and smell great, instead of having to buy candles all the time. And candles can be dangerous. This is a great for a friend who loves candles and wants a cost effective alternative. It’s also good for someone who needs help unwinding.

I have another link to another option here.

Weighted Blanket

This is a really expensive item, even looking at it on the lower end. I would highly consider this for someone you love dearly who has trouble sleeping and has insomnia.

Fuzzy Socks

Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? This may not be the most extravagant gift, but I think we all could use another pair of socks. Seriously, the amount of socks I lose doing laundry is insane.


I love planners and I know it’s a weird year to buy planners for people. But for your organized, productive friend who thrives off of planners, it’s still a good gift.

Gel Pens

I know this is another one of those small items, but everyone could use a nice set of pens. This past semester, I started using gel pens and I don’t want to return to old pen I used to use.


You may be wondering why a minimalist needs storage, but don’t we all need storage. And our storage doesn’t need to look like plastic boxes that are tacky. They can be pretty for our kitchen supplies or other small items.


If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I love journaling and it makes the perfect gift. Someone can take a journal and make what they want out of it. It can become a habit tracker, a place to write down grocery lists, a bullet journal with daily to do lists, or an old fashioned journal for their thoughts and feelings. I think it’s the perfect gift when you don’t know what to get someone.

Here’s another option.


I don’t have a link to this one because you can get creative. Maybe give your loved one some money towards a trip they’re saving towards. Perhaps it’s a plane ticket or train ride to a visit you or another loved one. I think we could focus on giving more experiences as opposed to just physical gifts.

Photography Session 

My favorite gift! I honestly think this is a gift people should give more often. If someone you know just had a special occasion, gift them a photography session. It could be a new baby, a graduation, a friendship anniversary. The session could also be for a regular Tuesday evening with friends to look back on. It could be for a couple as a date night. It could a mother-daughter or father-son activity. Find a local photographer and just get a friend or a family member a session. The memories are worth it.

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