Documenting Your Life ft. a book crawl in NYC

I miss it. I look back on old blog posts where I’ve shown you a little peek into my life. The people who surrounded me, the fun activities I was up to, or even where I was walking that day. I have plenty of blog posts that detail a day in my life or a … Continue reading Documenting Your Life ft. a book crawl in NYC

this winter & the languishing

Hey friends, sorry for being MIA last week. I’ve been traveling and hosting people at home, so things were a bit busy. Things have now died down, and here I am back with my thoughts. I figured I’d ramble today because I was unsure whether or not I should tell you about my travels or … Continue reading this winter & the languishing

2023: New Year, New Me

New Year’s is without a doubt my favorite holiday. Everyone gathered together to welcome in the new year. It’s filled with celebration and reflection, and it’s an all around good time. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been sad on New Year’s. If the year before was a bad one, then good riddance! And if … Continue reading 2023: New Year, New Me