Dorm Tour of Fourth Year

Welcome to the year I thought would never come – fourth year! And my fourth year dorm tour! Whoop whoop! 

As I have moved locations on Grounds, I knew that this room would be different. I did not know how different it would be for me. 

For example, the blinds are kind of terrible. So every morning, I wake up because of the bright sun rising in the east. Also, I have less cabinet/drawer space, so I’ve had to change up my organization system. And of course, there’s my books…

Anyway, you’re here for the whole dang tour.

Let me take you to it~

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Presenting dorm tour of fourth year

On August 17, my parents and I collected all of my things and stuffed them into my room. It was a chaotic mess for a rainy day. 

We did some laundry – washing the sheets, the comforter, pillowcases, and the like. We put the books away on my bed bookshelf, which is new for me. After the day of putting clothes away and putting away what we could, my parents left. *cue tears*

The next day, last Wednesday, I got home after a long day of a 9-5 leader’s meeting, and organized all that I could. Some people wait to organize when they are more energized or when they have more peace of mind. My energy booster and peace of mind is organization. A space that I know where everything belongs and everything has a place is a space where my mind can rest and relax. And so I tackled all the knicknacks that make a space a home. At 11 o’clock at night, it was looking a little sparse but the desk was decorated and the bed was made. 

Thursday morning I enjoyed a cup of tea in my pj’s and I recommend you should too.

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Before I continue…

Fast forward to a few days later when I actually have my first day of classes, Tuesday August 24th. I wake up, make my bed, and head to class.

In between the hours of 9-10:30, I have finished decorating my room. I put up more post it notes on my wall. I had previously added my tapestry, my cat poster, and my art piece. As well as Tanner Olson’s poems and some photos I printed out years ago. Tonight, I added a fish made of fish, signaling my IV chapter (and my favorite phrase IV-or-Die-V). 

Vision vs Execution

Unfortunately for me, my closet is open and messy. My clothes aren’t necessarily organized by color, although I’ve done that in previous years. The top of my closet is the sort of mess that is organized in my head but nobody else’s. Lastly, I wanted to put up twinkle lights to make this place cozy, but as I was trying to place them around my bed, they burned out. So I have no twinkle lights for you, but rest assured, I will update this post with twinkle lights soon. I promise!!!

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And here are the final details of my fourth year dorm tour 

I know that you too are sad that this dorm tour is the last one you’ll have for me. The college years are soon to be over. But who knows – maybe this time next year, I’ll have an apartment and I will definitely show you how I decorate it.

And that’s all folks. Thanks for hanging out with me as I give you my fourth year dorm tour. This is an ending, but it’ll lead to a new beginning. It always does.

Signing off,


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