Dorm Tour of Sophomore Year

The post you’ve all been waiting for. The dorm! Currently, as a UVA student, I decided to spend my second year at one of the Residential Colleges on Grounds. I live in Hereford, which has its focus on mindfulness, sustainability, and social awareness. We have our own lawn, and though it’s far away from the rest of Grounds, we have a little corner of home.


Moving was quite the process. My room is much smaller than it was last year. I came from NY with only my clothes, and things like my laptop, a few books, and miscellaneous things. I ended up going to Troy, VA for a few days, and then when I got back, the moving really started. I put a lot of stuff in storage, and so I unpacked everything that was in storage and began moving in. 


Once I got my hangers out of the boxes, I did the clothes first thing. Clothes are easy to hang, and I was able to empty my suitcase. Afterwards, I wanted to assign each drawer a specific function. So I separated all my items and placed them in their respective drawers. I have a drawer for food. I have a drawer for shower things. I have a drawer for random things, like plastic bags and water bottles.

For my bulletin board last year, I did colorful sticky notes, and I wanted to do it again this year. I haven’t decorated the sticky notes yet, but there will be bible verses and quotes that I love from authors, etc. If you have any quotes you love, add them down below.

Overall, this process was a lot. My parents left before anything really got here, but this was only one room. Imagine moving into an apartment by yourself. It doesn’t seem fun, and I would be even more stressed than this was. 

I hope this inspires you to make your space whatever you want it to be, fun, crazy, loud, colorful, etc. Make your space your own because you’re the one living in it.

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