Favorites: Podcast Edition

This post is a little different from my usual. I just wanted to let you all in on the things I’ve been enjoying so you can enjoy them too! Welcome to my favorites! I won’t be doing this every month, but I definitely will be updating you guys as I go along, some things I’ve been enjoying and why.


Podcast Edition

If you are a long time follower, you know that I’ve enjoyed listening to podcasts. In fact, I even wrote a What I’ve Learned From Podcasts post. I’ve decided to spill the beans and update this podcast list with a new one – sharing with you all a few more.


  1. Small Town Murder

  2. Directionally Challenged

  3. Invisibilia

  4. More than Music

  5. That Sounds Fun

  6. The Darling Romantics

  7. This is Love

  8. Go and Tell Gals

  9. As For Me and My House

  10. Beautiful Anonymous


  • Small Town Murder = is for people who like humor instead of gore – while of course, talking about a murder. This podcast is hosted by 2 comedians and they pick a murder in a new state each episode. They talk about the history of the town itself and its demographics (which is actually interesting), the circumstances surrounding the murder, how the murderer was found out, and the trial. If you don’t mind a little gruesome talk and you love to laugh, this podcast is for you.
  • Directionally Challenged is a new one for me. It’s a little bit all over the place in terms of content. But it’s truly about getting different aspects of your life together. I stumbled upon it randomly, and I listened to the one about dating. It was funny and informational. Plus, the hosts are two cool women in the entertainment world.
  • Invisibilia. It’s another podcast I recommend to people. I absolutely love the editing of this podcast. It goes from voiceover to actual recording of what’s going on, there’s music and I enjoy it. It takes a podcast and turns it into an art form. Plus, the show is about the invisible forces in our lives and how they affect us. Top 3 episodes: Who Do You Let In? (a controversial one), Leave a Message, and The Weatherman. This podcast will truly get you thinking.
  • More than Music. This is a podcast about a band called For All Seasons. They make Christian music, and this podcast goes behind the scenes from the voice memo to the first demo and more. Often they bring in a guest that goes into their story and how it helped For All Seasons make their music.
  • That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs. If you love the Enneagram, the Georgia Bulldogs, and a good conversation, this is the podcast for you. Annie Downs is fun, and so are her guests, ranging from Emily P. Freeman, Max Lucado, to Lauren Diagle. One of my favorites are her episode with Cory Asbury. I also loved when Meredith Andrews was a guest.
  • The Darling Romantics. Despite what you may believe, this podcast is not about finding love. It’s a podcast about chasing your dreams and fueling your creativity. One episode I listened to recently was about feeling like you’re in the waiting room of your life. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling like you’re stuck and making no progress.
  • This is Love. This podcast is about storytelling, and somehow through whatever story is told, love comes into the picture. Not only romantic love, but a love of a deep appreciation. I highly recommend How to Be Alone.
  • Go and Tell Gals with Jess Connolly. This podcast is about women that are on a mission. If you want any guidance or wisdom from women, this is a good podcast to try out. Jess Connolly has a book, You are the Girl for the Job, that talks a bit about. One episode where she mentions the book and reads from it is episode 45, talking about “Who are Your People?” and why the need for real community is so important.
  • As For Me and My House is a podcast that I am not ashamed to say that I have binged. This one is hosted by a couple with a young daughter talking about their life, the things they are learning, and how that relates to their faith. One episode that everyone can enjoy, no matter their beliefs, is Avoiding the Trap of Social Media. We all every now and then, fall into a hole of scrolling, and this episode explains some helpful tips on how to have a healthy relationship with social media.
  • Last but 1000% not least, Beautiful Anonymous. I put this one last because I want you guys to remember it. This podcast was my first one ever! It changed the game for me. It reminds me about humanity and gives me hope every single time I listen to it. People are real and hopeful and honest, and it always gives me a love of humanity. Chris Gethard is a comedian, but I feel like he doesn’t tap into that as often as he could on this podcast. He is just a human talking to another human about what it is like to live life. If you want to listen to an episode, I can offer you many recommendations, but why not give The Squirrel and the Giraffe a listen. It’s heartwarming, and I think you’ll enjoy it.


Give some of these podcasts a listen. Go for a walk. On your commute. Drive the long way home. While doing laundry. I don’t care how, but just try one of these out and tell me if you liked it. Better yet, recommend some of your own. 


Signing off, 



What should I be listening to? Why?

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