Life Update of January 2022

This week’s a little weird—I was planning on writing a different post than this one, but I wasn’t feeling it and also it’s been so long since I’ve done a life update. You may (or may not care about) the particularities of my life but I hope you stick around for some introspection. 

January 2022

January 2022 has been a weird one. I entered into 2022 lighting a new candle, drinking some sparkling cider and jamming along to some sweet music. I made a vision board for this year. Last year’s vision board was super specific, but I wanted to be open to adventure and whatever life decides to throw my way. When I was home, I made banana bread, watched the Bachelor, read a lot, and got a tad obsessed with TikTok. At school, I have begun my last semester of my college experience (AHHHHH, ‘scuse me, I needed to get that scream out) and started working on my thesis.

So many people have been calling January a free trial, and I kind of agree. It was hard to find my footing this month. Between being at home like it was a waiting period until the year officially began, and then a slow start to the semester, January’s kind of the sibling that’s waiting for its growth spurt to start. 

Notable moments for this month: watching Modern Love and wondering if it’ll ever be my turn, watching and slightly obsessing over HIMYF, joyous reunions with friends, having dinner with a podcaster I admire and hearing him speak, getting consistent with my quiet times again (go New Year’s intentions!), considering a new post-grad option, and going to North Carolina for the last weekend of January while hearing a ton on wedding planning.

Considering the whole Modern Love thing, I’ll probably write a whole blog post on that soon. But it’s been a decent month overall.

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Things I’ve Been Loving this January

Rachel Morley’s Every Drop – this EP is absolutely incredible. I’ve spent a good chunk of my hours listening to this thing. 

My creative nonfiction class – it’s been such a joy to do writing exercises and explore writing in a new way. It’s a fun class that I genuinely look forward to. I actually don’t want it to end :(. I’ve always loved fiction but never thought I had an affinity for it, but personal essays, I don’t know, maybe there’s something here. At the very least, I’d love to take more classes like this in some form.

Just being a member of IV – for the past 3 years, I was in leadership. And while that was incredible and full of a lot of good things, I think I neglected my soul a bit during that time. I put things first that shouldn’t have come first. I didn’t know how to say no. Now that I’ve had time to breathe once again, as a good chunk of my schedule came free, I don’t feel like I’m holding my head above water. I’m getting a good amount of sleep consistently. And I’m seeing friends not at the expense of schoolwork. I’m not beholden to any structures that are asking for my time and it’s been easier to say no. I feel joy in the things I once had joy for. It feels good!

My schedule – leaping off the last point, I really love where my schedule is right now. It doesn’t feel overburdened (although that might change as my work hours ramp up). I’m just trying to be conscious of protecting my morning quiet time. Which means going to bed at a decent hour. And getting up at a decent hour. I’m getting to a place of consistency I haven’t had since maybe a year ago.

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Things I’ve Learned this January

 It’s a struggle to be still – I try to spend 5 minutes a day (at least, sometimes it’s 10 minutes) in silence and prayer. And every single time my thoughts race. But if I don’t deliberately choose time to be quiet, it will get crowded out by everything else in life. I refuse to let that happen.

Reflection – there’s something about looking at yourself at the world around you in reflection. 

You don’t need to know what’s next. You need only to be faithful to right now – enough said

Last minute plans are interesting – I took a random trip to the chapel once an acquaintance suggested it, and it was absolutely lovely. As for my trip to NC, I didn’t even know I was going until Wednesday night and we left Friday afternoon LOL. I have a mixed reaction to that trip—but ultimately I was reminded of a lot of what I needed to be reminded of.

A walk can be an avenue for unexpected beauty – I had a whole situation waiting for a bus that never came to go to an event that was literally canceled. This walk I didn’t expect to go on led me to this beautiful sunset that I never even intended to see. It was a gracious gift I just had to accept.

Romans 8 is a powerful piece of scripture. It starts with Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and ends with the idea that there is nothing that can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus. These verses are chock full of reminders that I am not condemned because of Jesus, God is with me, God is generous with me (if he gave his son for me, how can he not give me all good things?), and of course, nothing is strong enough to separate me from God’s love.

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Music I Recommend

Next Year, Next Time by The Staves

Every Drop by Rachel Morley

California by Chvrches

Paralysed by The Staves

Take Me by Aly & AJ

And if you like the songs above, you should check out my and winter comes in with faded light playlist on Spotify.

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Challenge for February 

Speaking of music, I think this February my goal will be to stay away from secular music. I mean intentionally, not when I can’t control the music playing in the dining hall or another place like that. I did this the fall of my 3rd year and I really enjoyed it. This time I want to limit my secular inputs and be more conscious of them. So as much as I have been LOVING The Staves and Aly & AJ (check out the playlist mentioned above), I really want to listen to music that helps me set my mind on things above.

Okay, friends, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s just been so long and I love sharing little snippets of my life with you as well as questions I’m pondering. See you soon, friend!

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