returning to the dear place I called home

Last weekend I returned to the place that used to be my home, a place where I had an apartment and a job and a much more formed life than I do now—Charlottesville. I don’t mean to sound overly bleak. It’s just that post-grad is a lot more uncertain than I realized and I’m still in the process of fitting the puzzle pieces together. But I’m glad I got to return to a place filled with memories good and bad.

My main reason for being back in Charlottesville was for my roomie’s wedding, but I managed to fit in quite a lot despite being there for less than 48 hours. 

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

I got there on Thursday evening around 7:30. On the train, I fully started and read The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. It was cheesy and cute. The sun was still bright in the sky and Charlottesville was basking in its own beauty by the time I arrived. There’s something about watching the trees roll by and then slowly but surely, the blue mountains come in close, and you’re home. I took the trolley to a friend’s apartment where she let me stay. I spent the evening having a sleepover with my lovely friend Mary. And I’m very disappointed to say we got no pictures together.

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Friday, July 1, 2022

On Friday, Mary and I woke up early to grab Bodo’s and then went to Grit to grab matcha. If you’re going to be near Grounds, those two places are a must to visit. Bodo’s has good bagels, and I say that as a New Yorker (definitely not better than New York bagels though).

I took SO MANY photos.

There were just so many places tinged with meaning. Where I walked to class. Where I got my heart broken. Where I sat and reflected that everything was going to change. Where I was in utter awe of Virginia beauty. Where I walked to work, a place that felt like home to me all four years of college. 

I, of course, went to the Study Center where I worked, and visited my old bosses. Highly recommend showing up and just surprising people you love by hanging out by the kitchen table and drinking passionfruit matcha. 

And I had the lovely experience of sitting my favorite green chair. It’s a luxury. I need to find one exactly like it. It just holds you sweetly and firmly, if you can believe it.

I ended up running to grab lunch at Roots (another MUST HAVE for Cville) before being very very late for meeting my friend Jacob. Grounds is truly stunning. Blue sky, greenery everywhere, sun shining. She’s gorgeous.

I ended up going back to work to say goodbye before getting ready for the wedding. But my friend Kenny called and told me to come back that our campus minister Jed was there. SO of course, I RAN BACK. And it was such a sweet moment of prayer for jobs and this new season, and it was a gift!

I walked back to the apartment the ~long~ way. Stepped into the chapel for a moment to breathe and look at beauty. Walked along the path of the gardens and saw a tiny purple butterfly. I even saw a dog enjoying the summer sun. 

At the apartment, I got ready for the wedding and ate my Roots Mayweather bowl (this is my top recommendation for a bowl!). 

The wedding was at Spring Creek in Louisa County. Even though I moved out of Charlottesville over a month ago, the amount of friends I have to call on for help (a place to sleep, rides) is still such a kind gift to my spirit. My girl Karissa was a STUNNING bride. The wedding was lovely and I almost teared up a little. Love is such a beautiful thing to witness. What a cute couple! My favorite thing to witness was Karissa dancing with the little kids. She has such a heart for kids. 

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Saturday July 2, 2022

Saturday morning was a little stressful. I woke up around 7:30, but had a whole key exchange to do and didn’t know how that was going to go and was almost locked out of the apartment, but it ended up working out *whew*

On my walk, I took many photos and even stepped into a garden where I held a prayer session. in the past Taking a walk around Grounds before 9am is pleasant and just pretty. 

I got to see my friends Kenny, Will, and Emily for more Bodo’s. Another Grit matcha was in the cards for me–this time Irish cream. Honestly, I have to say I think I like plain vanilla matcha the best. 

These friends are just dear to me. That’s my one takeaway from this tiny trip—friends are so kind and sweet. Let them love you.

And then I hopped onto two trains to get back to NYC, leaving such a dear place.


I am taking a break from the blog. I haven’t been super consistent. Not that I don’t love this space. I do! I just want to take the month of July to focus on job hunting, taking my driving test, and I guess being an adult at the moment. 

It’s important to take a break and reevaluate what I want to say on this platform and how things will change as I’m no longer in college. Will 100% still be making blog posts updating you all on my life, but it will definitely change. I want to take at least a month off of posting, but it may be a little longer. At the very latest, I’ll be back on here in September. I just need space in this season. To sit, to wonder, to breathe, to act. Just to be a little more present in the physical rather than the virtual. 

I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY and I love this space. I’m not abandoning it. I’ve just recognized it’s a season for this blog to lie fallow and to see what comes alive underneath the soil.

Signing off, 


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