Sunday Day in the Life

Hey friends!

I decided to do a Sunday day in the life of college because each day is different, and I honestly never know what it’s gonna be like by the time the end of the day comes. I also figure that when I look back on my college experience, it would be nice to have some days in my life for remembrance’s sake. I’ll probably end up doing a few of these this semester. 

I’ve actually done a few before – Editorial Intern and NDCC 2020. Check them out!

Sunday morning

I slept in a little. I got up around 8:30ish. These days I’ve been trying to get more sleep. For the first two years of college. I got up at 7am which was great, but now I just want to get as much sleep as possible to be the best version of myself. I usually don’t have a lot of homework on Sundays this semester (thankfully!) but this weekend was different because my art homework was a big assignment and I had an exam on Tuesday in 19th Century Russian Literature. My homework is a big priority but I try to build in my social life and self-care around that. Probably lots of day in the life focus on that.

I got up out of bed, brushed my teeth, and did my skincare, and then got back right into bed. 

Haha, I genuinely love my quiet time because I just hop back into bed. Don’t do this if you KNOW you will fall back into bed. I hop back in because I’m usually cold in the morning. Yes, the fall weather is cold to me. There’s something wrong with my room for sure, though. Loose screws on the bed frame, the desk light that sometimes works, and the window that isn’t quite closed, plus no heat. Dorm life can kind of be a mess sometimes. 

But yeah, my quiet time. I’m currently reading Joel. It’s only 3 chapters but it’s the same story of a prophet speaking to the Israelites telling them to repent. How simple, but how the Israelites fail to listen.

After that, I head on over to my desk and continued to finish my art project. There are 35 cross contour line drawings, and I did it in parts, so this was my 3rd day working on it. We’re supposed to look for the shadows and use the shading scale as a guide. 

Later on, after I have successfully completed my art homework, I go back to day 2 of studying for my exam – pause, have I actually done any “studying” on the blog, then again, I study life – anyway, I just went through the terms. It’s sort of a combination of knowing the stories, main characters, and themes, as well the authors, their history and their dates. ‘Tis hard work but I’m really loving the class and I lowkey want it as my minor. 

It’s a little wild how long it took me to find things I loved in college, but I’m glad I found the things I needed.

Here I was going out to attend an event. 

My first outfit matched my mask. But the second one was the real outfit. Always going for the breathable mask. Is it just me or the cotton ones are not that comfortable to wear?

So yeah, I had a nice long 30 minute walk and then the unexpected happened. So I arrived and there was no there. *Face palm moment* The event was the day before! Don’t know how I missed the dates, but that’s okay. Lowkey disappointing, but we keep it moving.

I then returned home, ate lunch, and had a club meeting. Let’s go Large Group Team, best team!

Then ‘twas back to studying. Looking over all the stories we’ve read – Poor Liza, The Tales of Belkin The Publisher, The Blizzard, The Stationmaster, The Bronze Horseman, God grant that I not lose my mind, Viy, Diary of a madman, andThe Overcoat. Lots of people to remember – Nikolai Karamzin (1776-1826), Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837). Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852), Petr Chaadev (1794-1856), and Peter I (1682-1725). It’s all good. 

At 5:10, I head out the door for church. I’ve been going to in-person church for 2 weeks. Yes, I could stay home and watch online, but I’ve missed the church atmosphere and it feels like more of a commitment if I go in person. This semester (and more likely, this year) I’ve been going to a way smaller church than I’ve ever been too, they love their hymns (not my favorite thing, but probably why I should stay), and the preaching there is directly from scripture. It is filled with conviction and a reminder to stave off unbelief and compromise when it comes to faith. I’ve been loving it!! 

I highly recommend attending a smaller church. You get plugged in way quicker and the pastor is open to hearing from you. 

Church is only an hour long to keep people from getting sick being together too long. But there was a picnic after church. My friends and I did not picnic, but we got icies and chatted for awhile. I saw a friend in IV and it was the sweetest thing to find out she’s been going to there for a whole year. After the picnic, my friends and I picked up Cookout on the way home – and just chatted about all the things – testimonies, Catholics vs Protestants (in beliefs, not in who is better than the other [neither]), church values, etc. It filled my soul to have a good conversation and be in community again.

Then I returned home with Cookout and sat down to do EVEN MORE STUDYING. No, friends, the studying doesn’t stop. But that’s okay. Because when it’s something you enjoy, does it really matter if it stops?

Later on, I did my nighttime skincare, journaled about my day and headed to bed. 

A simple, sweet Sunday day in the life.

Signing off, 


Tell me about your Sunday. What did you do? Who did you see?

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