Travel in the time of COVID

This weekend, I went home to New York City.

I know, travel in the time of COVID is controversial. It’s important to be safe and not contribute to spreading COVID by reckless outings. But since my parents were planning to come to me, I figured it would be safer for me to come to them. I took a test before traveling and I made sure to travel safely. 

001: Take a test

If you’re traveling, especially if you’re traveling home to see family, do your due diligence out of love and take a test. Make sure you’re negative so you’re not bringing home anything to your parents and other family members. Also, take a test to make sure that you’re reassured of your own health.

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002: Quarantine

As much as you can, isolate yourself. This can mean a few days going up to two weeks. Don’t have unnecessary contact with others that could endanger you or the ones you love. I spent lots of time alone – which isn’t good for an online college student – but is great for one who is traveling home and wants to enjoy time with family without paranoia.

003: Be prepared

Have a game plan going into your trip. What is your method of travel? How will you make sure you sanitize and keep clean throughout your trip? Can you separate yourself from other travelers? What is your face covering/mask situation? 

Don’t go in blind. Travel in the time of COVID is unusual, but not impossible. If you need to make a trip to see family or a work obligation, there is a safe way to get to your destination without putting yourself or other people at risk.

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My Travel in the time of COVID

I went back to New York City on Thursday March 25, 2021 and returned to Charlottesville Sunday March 28, 2021. I took the Amtrak to and from New York City and it was a pretty decent ride. I wore a mask during the whole ride and masking was enforced by Amtrak workers. I brought hand sanitizer and an extra mask. I layered up in clothing in case I was cold. I had snacks and water to get me through the 6 hour trip each way. 

My biggest tip is to sanitize often and refrain from touching anything on the train or at the station. If you touch anything that isn’t on your person/isn’t yours, sanitize. Be cautious. Door handles and close contact to someone who has the virus are two perpetrators to consider. Frequently sanitize and avoid putting yourself in a position to need to sanitize if possible. 

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Additionally, I was able to have 2 seats to myself and I sat in the window seat as far from others as I could have possibly sat. While it’s good to believe everyone has good intentions, someone may unintentionally have COVID and traveled, or if they have no symptoms, they are unaware of their own ability to spread the virus. Just be cautious so that you can be as safe as possible. 

When you get to your destination, get clean as much as you can. Shower, put clothes in the washer, remove yourself from any contagion that you could possibly surmise. 

Lastly, enjoy your trip! No matter what you decide to do, travel or stay home, people will try to guilt you and criticize the decision you made. You have to do what’s best for you, your health, and your family. Keep in mind that people will jump to conclusions about your travel. But as long as you are safe and keep others safe, opinions from others shouldn’t matter. 

Here are some travel highlights of my trip when I decided to ~ travel in the time of COVID ~

Thanks so much for following my travel in the time of COVID! I hope if you do choose to travel that you’ll do so safely and get to where you want to be. Thanks friends!

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