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As you all know (or can tell), I love a regular day in the life post. These are so simple to write as a college gal going through paper ~szn~ and it’s sweet for my past self to look back on. I definitely will get back to writing the deeper questions type posts when school dies down and I come up for air. It’s actually been a hot minute since I’ve done a deep dive post and I’m definitely missing it.

I wanted this post to be a little bit of a spin on the typical day in the life posts. I decided to do an hour by hour post. Unfortunately, due to spending a lot of my hours in class, I didn’t do every hour *sighs* but I did most of them and I hope this helps visualize my semester of spring 2021.

Wednesday April 7, 2021

8:49 am

I  am rushing to try and catch the bus so I can get to work ontime. It’s one of those mornings where I chose to sleep in rather than wake up and give myself enough time to get ready. Instead of catching the bus, I bump into someone I know, Cole, and we start walking and chatting. He’s always reading something interesting and I’m always reading something Russian. *cue laughter* 


Anyway, it ends up being that I walk to work and pick up some Starbucks on the way. A little treat for my happy heart. The weather has been incredible lately and so the work was nice and helped me pass 10,000 steps that Wednesday.

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10:20 am

Here is the Russian reading. The Brothers Karamazov is an intense novel but the more I read, the more enthralled I get. There’s so many literary allusions, the characters are all fleshed out – I just want to know what’s next and why. (My English professor would cry at the sentence I just wrote.)

11:21 am

From 10:30-almost 12, I have dship. I see it as a time to evaluate my spiritual life, share highs and lows and talk out loud about anything that I’ve been processing in my mind. My discipler and I went to Washington Park and it was pretty nice. Virginia’s weather has been nice to us lately and that feels sort of suspicious. Even if you’re not spiritual, I think it would be cool to meet up with someone every week and decompress the thoughts in your head. They don’t have to be a therapist (they can be). It’s someone who can ask you deeper questions and challenge you to grow and develop, spiritually or not.

12:14 pm

I spent some time outside in my Bible. I don’t usually do this. The weather isn’t usually this perfect. But this day, I just felt a pull outside. I just wanted to make the space bright and encouraging to dive into the Bible. That said, earlier in the semester, I would read my Bible in my bed. And that’s completely okay. Just spending intentional time in quiet – whether that’s prayer, meditation or reading is just good for the soul.

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1:02 pm

I went back to work for a space to have my drama class. I was a few minutes late – but it’s alright. Life happens as they say. But it was a good discussion on a play called Hay Fever.  Not my favorite play – it felt too chaotic to be funny for me, but most of my classmates really enjoyed it.

In the hour I missed, I took an in person class and it was great. We talked about the subject of female pain – and wounds and why pain for women is fetishized. Read the Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain by Jamison. It’s got depth and it’s incredible.

3:39 pm

I took my Sociology of the Family class outside but a strange bug kept tracking to attack me so it wasn’t that enjoyable or fruitful. 

But UVA is pretty beautiful when it wants to be. 

And in the next hour I missed, I was cooking for Intern Dinner at work. And it sucks that I forgot to get photos!!!


But here are the tacos we ate. And yes, they were as incredible as they look. 


I was walking home because I had an IV meeting at 8 but I managed to stop and take some pictures. 

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And those are where the pictures stop. I have so many photos on my phone that it’s been hindering me from snapping so frequently but it feels wrong not to snap a photo.

But I was lucky to hear from a very well known Economics professor, Ken Elzinga. Earlier that day, he donated books to my place of employment from his personal collection. Very cool man. He spoke on generosity which was interesting given his background, but it was all valuable. 

I ended up talking late with one of my fellow 3rd years in IV, Alex about some of his post grad plans and then I did homework and got ready for bed.

I’m super sorry this wasn’t more entertaining. I feel like my Wednesdays are so busy but that’s because I spend so much of it in class. And I do think Wednesdays are the best days. I have IV to thank for that. 

Just some encouragement for you all: if you’re experiencing rejection, I know it sucks. I have recently been denied for some cool opportunities. You may feel like you have to settle for something less than what you wanted. It’s okay to say yes to the imperfect opportunity. As long as you know you won’t stay there. And as long as that’s not an option that yields more harm than good. Dreams do work out. You may just need to learn something before you step into the place you want to be. 

Just some food for thought. 

As my professor likes to say, be good and make good choices.

Signing off, 


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